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The pioneer in documents/goods archiving industry of Iran

  • The best consultant on and executor of the systems to preserve documents and goods
  • Enjoying the largest share of exports of such products
  • Taking effective measures to become one of the top three brands in the country and a premium global one


Our mission

  • The presentation and execution of comprehensive creative solutions to documents and goods storage in order to increase efficiency based on the world’s newest knowledge and technology, while taking into account the safety and health of customers


Our slogan

  • Ozhan; the alchemist of space


Our manifesto and values

  • We are ethically responsible for our commitments to our customers.
  • We respect our colleagues as the most valuable asset and we build mutual trust by decent performance.
  • Relying on our organizational culture and respecting the rights of the customer, we enhance our reputation.
  • By providing valuable products with the most modern technology in the world, we offer various and numerous choices to our customers.
  • We believe that systematic attitude and approach facilitate work procedures in addition to creating added value, thus contributing to the achievement of objectives.
  • We believe in order, creativity and collective cooperation and work to create opportunities for us and our colleagues to make progress.
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