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The system storage systems manufacturer, supplier and Metal Shelving ozhan

maintenance systems for goods and documents. One of the concerns of many organizations lack sufficient space to store the goods and documents. ozhan systems company in the world to meet the need to produce products in accordance with the technology world has moved Eugene company manufactures fixed shelving, library shelving, store shelving, etc., Cabinets rail: shelving host file (wardrobe) rotating mechanical rail wardrobe, dresser and wardrobe rail automatic electric rail and shelving storage, shelving panels, rock, rock, pallet racks, shelving the aisle, shelf County Louvre and ... ... files, animations administrative and office equipment such as 
 folders, files and Ghshgyr box and in their visions to produce new products (for the first time in Iran and the Middle East) is taking products company R & D team has been working night and day with the use of innovative solutions, various organizations have needs. The company's R & D team has been working night and day products by using innovative solutions, to meet the needs of different organizations. Eugene company formed a strong team of experts ready to provide free advice to their clients in choosing the most appropriate solution for storing all kinds of goods and documents assist. Consulting and implementation of new systems, filing and storage shelving with regard to health and safety standards for clients Consulting and implementation of standard environmental conditions for storage of cargo and documents Consultation on improving the health and safety of staff Eugene company is ISO 9001 certified quality system, the company ITC England and in respect for the rights of customer satisfaction and the company is in the process of ISO 10002 is found. Eugene has participated in many government agencies and private companies, including the presidency, Tehran South Oil Company, National Iranian Oil Company, Khuzestan Steel Company, the protection of producers and consumers, and the best solution for your cooperation .... has been developed and implemented.