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The binders have a very beautiful design and come in different colors. The useful life of this product is 5 times more compared to other models, which makes them much more economical. This product is washable, impenetrable and fracture resistant.
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Ozhan has manufactured these binders to complete the series of its storage products. The materials in the main body of the binder are made of PVC, which has improved the quality.

The binder is a big hard file folder that is used to keep sheets of paper or documents punched with a metal clipboard. The gap between the holes was calculated according to different standards, allowing them to hold 200 to 500 sheets of paper. This is suitable for archiving documents in organizations, offices, and governmental or non-governmental companies. The volume of the binder is different depending on the number of papers you want to put in. The binders of Ozhan company have a very beautiful design in a variety of colors. The useful life of this product is five times more than other models, which makes it more economical. These binders are washable and highly resistant to fracture and moisture.

- A beautiful and unique design - Having a five times better useful life - Cheap - Fire resistant - Washable and moisture resistant - Resistant to fracture - A wide variety of colors - Having hard and stainless steel grippers - Having a guardian cover for the documents

-Possibility to be opened and closed 100,000 times - Designed to put the movement inside and out - Ergonomic design to eliminate sharp edges - Containing grooves that make the product slip-resistant - Rivets are designed to make the binder resistant to weight. - A lock of the flexible type - A useful life of 30 years - made of PVC raw materials

- Offering explanations on the technical details by our specialists - One-year warranty - 15 years of after-sales services