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Train track file shelving/ mobile archiving

Rail archive shelving/mobile archive is the most useful product for keeping paper documents in hospitals, companies, offices, state and private organizations. The great utility of this product and its capability to save 80% of space makes it suitable for archive rooms and offices.
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Aside from the political-economic development in Iran and the importance of saving the archive space, Mr. Parvize Khademian conceived and produced mobile rack-mount shelving for the first time in 1979, becoming the founder of mobile archive racking on rails. Since then, the use of this type of shelving has become common. Now, mobile rack-mount shelving is the most useful product for archiving papers in offices, hospitals, companies, governmental or non-governmental organizations. Given the importance of saving space and the high price of soil, energy and human resources, the mobile rack shelving archive system is considered the most useful product for keeping documents, notebooks, workbooks and file boxes. The most important reason for the very common application of this rack is that it creates added value in space compared to traditional systems with fixed shelving. Mobile shelving saves space by up to 80%. This feature depends, of course, on how they are stored. This mobile archive rack is composed of two parts: the movement mechanism and the rack structure. The price of this product is calculated by experts based on room measurements.

- Removing of extra aisles and saving archive space up to 80% - Applicable with a metal facade, MDF, high gloss or combination of wood and metal - Equipped with a door and central lock for document security - Increasing the productivity of human forces - Needing very little force for movement/relocating - Capability to have the customer's requested design or logo inserted on cabinets - The possibility of changing the space between stories/shelves - Air circulation option in the story to increase the useful life of documents - Suitable for filing workbooks, file boxes, documents, medical records and hanging files - Increasing the beauty of archive space - Possibility to produce in requested colors - Capable of being produced on the customer's request - Low price

- The length of rail shelves can vary between 1 and 6 meters depending on the environment. - Whenever the need arises, rail libraries can be immediately and easily converted into fully automatic systems at an acceptable cost. - The shelves are equipped with special locks to stabilize and ensure the safety of users. - Possibility to increase and decrease the length of the cabin - The cabins have the capacity to transform into fixed cabins, and vice versa. - The steering wheels, which benefit from a unique design, optimum ergonomics and three handles with freewheels, are made of powder-coated aluminum and make the shelves easily movable. - The polished rods are used in the rails under which a belt is precisely welded with CO2. This method makes tilt correction possible, if required by the library environment. - Power transmission systems, which have followed the technical design process, allow maximum motions with a minimum amount of electrical power in the R & D department. Fluid cabinet movements of six meters in height are the proof. - If requested by the customer, the shelves will be designed and manufactured without turnbuckle, which facilitates the usage and ensures the seismic resistance. - To better ensure user safety, sharp edges are given a rounded shape. - If requested by the customer, a three-piece rail-mounted drawer desk will be included in the system for user convenience. - The colorization of the parts: the degreasing and phosphating phases are done by 200 spray nozzles, followed by the polishing phase by washing nozzles. The parts are then dried in the conveyor oven and painted by powder color spray robots. Finally, at the passage of a furnace of 40 m and 200 °C , the parts are cooked and ready to pack. - Depending on the type and sensitivity, the parts are packed with bubble plastic, a special plastic material, strapping bands, individually wrapped and polystyrene to minimize the risk of damage during transport. - All the pieces have identification cards and a confirmation of quality.

- Customized study of the environment and AutoCAD and 3D plan offers - Presenting the most modern and practical archive systems on rails to facilitate the purchase - Offering consultations on the most favorable environment for the storage of documents - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - A two-year gold guarantee - 15 years of after-sales service - An Individual support unit to provide services as soon as possible