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The Drawer Cabinet Map

The rack cabinet with drawers is one of the most useful products for keeping and filing documents. This cabinet is suitable for small spaces or corners of the wall. It could be designed on the customer’s request and based on archive space measurements. The design of this cabinet is a combination of metal and MDF or exclusively metal.
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The archive cabinet with rail drawers is one of the most useful for saving
documents. Depending on the design, some shelves are fixed to the wall or a
column, and in front of them, you will find sliding shelves. The importance of
saving space in offices and companies - given the high price of energy and soil -
presents this cabinet as the most effective product for keeping documents, files,
binders and file boxes. The main reason for using this new product is that it
contributes more to the economy of space compared to older models. It is
necessary to say that the above-mentioned capacity depends on the space and
the way of storing cabinets. This cabinet is suitable for small spaces, designed
according to the customers needs. It can be a combination of metal and MDF or
metal only. This furniture could be created in accordance with the customer's
request in different colors and different models.

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- Suitable for small offices to optimize space - Easy access to mobile cabinet containers - Beautify the environment especially in the corners and cracks of the wall - Production of drawer cabinets with or without door - Saving the space of archive departments - Suitable for filing documents, binders and file boxes - Possibility to produce composite cabinets

- An envelope with the capability to increase in length, height and width - Mobile office shelving made of MDF or metal - Reduced transmission power - Possibility to have the customer's desired design or logo on cabinets - Equipped with an air circulation system between shelves to extend the life of documents - Equipped with a combination lock to improve archival security - Produced in a varied range of colors according to order - Easy assembly and disassembly

- Customized study of archival space, AutoCAD and 3D drawer cabinet design plans - Presenting the most modern systems to facilitate the purchase - Offering consultations on the most favorable environment for storage - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - A two-year gold guarantee - 15 years of after-sales services - A specified support unit to provide quick services

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