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Bolt and Nut Shelving

Shelves with bolts and nuts or lattice shelves are one of the most applicable and traditional filing products, which are suitable for small and light weight loads. The skeleton of this shelf is made of metal, and its conjunctions are bolts and nuts, from which the product takes its name
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Trellis shelves are very common at the warehouses. Since they are manually
loaded, it can be used up to 4 floors with stairs and walkways. This product is
composed of perforated corners, floors, stair panels and bolts and nuts, which
makes it very easy to install and fix. This shelf is suitable for light objects that are
possible to be carried in hand. The main application of this type is for storing
spare parts and instruments in shops, depots, garages or home storage. This shelf
can also be manufactured with stainless galvanized iron sheets in order to be
resistant to moisture.

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- Economic - Possibility to decrease or increase levels of shelves with bolts and nuts - Available in different colors - Applied to spare parts and instrument depots, home depots, supermarkets and store depots - Possibility of having balconies - Possibility to be set from 1 to 4 floors, and to have walkways, stairs and guardrail - Possibility to be separated and fixed in another place with the least price

- Variable height of up to 900 cm - The depth of shelves measure 20 x 60. - A weight tolerance of 50 kg to 300 kg in each shelf as needed - A weight tolerance of 350 kg in each aisle - Powder electrostatic colorization - Available in requested colors

- Personalized study by experts and an applicable plan offer - Offering 2D and 3D plans - One-year warranty and 15 years of after-sales service

Free consultation and specialized expertise