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Mobile Easy Racks Shelving

“Easy Rack” rail shelving is suitable for medium to heavy loads. These shelves have the capacity to save space up to 100%. In this type of shelving, the objects are loaded by workers, a loading method that can be used in various industrial sectors.
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“Easy Rack” is used to organize equipment and provide easy access to different
objects. Today, organizations seek to have the best warehouse optimization
method that costs the least and is based on the science of modern warehouse
management. Given the lack existing in the markets, Ozhan has designed this
highly applicable product based on innovative and creative ideas and modern
These shelves are very suitable for medium and heavy loads; they can be applied
in factories, warehouses, various industries, shops, cool stores and training
centers. This type of shelf has the capacity to save space up to 100%.
Given the high price of soil, energy and human resources, it is the most
economical and justifiable sort of shelving. Depending on the customer's needs,
these shelves can be designed and produced in several models.

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- Very cheap and economical - Saving space up to 100% - A wide variety and flexibility - Optimization and more organized compared to traditional systems - Capacity of production in different dimensions based on the customer's need - Containing many mobile shelves in order to offer easier access - Suitable for medium and heavy objects - The use of galvanized stainless sheets for cool stores and wet spaces - Possibility to decrease and increase the space between shelves - Capable of being produced in different colors on the client’s order - Capable of being changed into a stable model and vice versa - The frames of these shelves are composed of closed columns (profile) in order to promote strength and practicality. Its braces are both horizontal and diagonal. - Easy relocation with the least force required - The calculations of the weight resistance of the shelves are based on a balanced load, as needed by the customer. - Very applicable especially in factories, warehouses, cool stores, shops and training centers - Capable of holding more objects with smaller arm joints - Beauty and elegance of design - Possibility of dividing shelves into two separate parts for easy use and access

- Square hollow sections with a weight tolerance of up to 400 kg on each shelf - Capability of changing the depth of shelves up to 70 cm - Possibility of increasing the length of openings up to 220 cm - Horizontal braces to connect columns; the connection is completed with clips, nuts and bolts. - Possibility of easy assembly and disassembly - The steering wheels have three freewheeling wheels with a unique and ergonomic design. The shelves are made of high quality aluminum, aerosol colored and powder coated leather for easy use. - The columns are modified based on the loading of a single machine and the intervals between the shelves, plus the interval between the first shelf and the surface shelf. According to the order, a space for the indicator cards is designed on the arms to codify, lead to the contents, etc. - The colorization of the parts: the degreasing and phosphating phases are done by 200 spray nozzles, followed by the polishing phase by washing nozzles. The parts are then dried in the conveyor oven and painted by powder color spray robots. Finally, at the passage of a furnace of 40 m and 200 °C, the parts are cooked and get ready to pack. - Depending on the type and sensitivity, the parts are packed with bubble plastic, a special plastic material, strapping bands, separately wrapped with polystyrene to minimize the risk of damage during transport. - All the pieces have a certificate and an ID card and a quality assurance approved by the quality department.

- Custom warehouse study and AutoCAD and 3D plan design - Introducing the most modern and most applicable rail archive systems - Offering consultations on the most favorable environment for storage - Providing a justification plan to facilitate decision making by managers - Two years of gold guarantee - 15 years after-sales services - A special support unit to provide services as soon as possible - Training workshop on the use of the implemented system

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