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Automated Pallet Racks

The automatic shelf, pallet rack, is one of the most modern storage systems that allow easy movement, which makes it suitable for keeping heavy and large objects. Using this kind of shelving, space can be saved up to 300%.
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The shelving industry has a history of more than 70 years in Iran. It has been configured to save the storage space as needed. One of the most modern
products in this sector is the pallet racks produced by Ozhan. The movement of
these shelves is controlled by electromotive force and this can be done either for
a single shelf or all of the shelves. This system has a graphic screen that is very
easy to use. This product is suitable for storerooms of raw materials, spare parts
and heavy and large objects, the displacement of which needs forklifts in most
industries, factories, depots and cold rooms. In this way, space is saved up to

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- Increasing the space capacity in the warehouse up to 300% - The capability to receive commands by computer - The possibility of connecting to storage software - Quick access to the product - Saving energy and human resources - Diversity in measurements and levels of weight tolerance - Suitable for storing raw materials, spare parts and products - The possibility to load up to the height of the living room and the possibility of moving floors - The design of the openings of the arms and frames based on pallet measurements - The possibility to be installed at a height of up to 12 m - The possibility of storing a single pallet or two or three pallets, one next to the other - Decreasing prices of warehouse operations - Having a screen on each range in the rail racking system - The possibility of having a remote control - Having a PLC controller - Easy to save products and stored materials

- To maximize the safety of the system, the transversal sensors work as soon as they arrive in the aisles. - The systems are equipped with vertical sensors to increase the level of security between shelves. - A particular chassis to facilitate instant or group movement of shelves. - Modular electronic parts - The shelves are connected by appropriate cables with a special cover. - An alarm light in each rack - An inverter to adjust the speed and to avoid blows during movements. - The connection by bolts and nuts and the possibility of increasing the length, the height and the width of the shelves. - An electric and mechanical walkway/aisle - A special cleaner for rails - The rails are of industrial type and T-shaped - A warning sound alarm - A button to cut the power in emergencies - Chassis have cast iron wheels to guide and assist the operator. - The arms consist of framed profiles and rolls, and the clip has 4 and 5 nails based on arm load, attached to the arm with CO 2 welding. - The frames of these shelves are composed of closed-opening columns (like a profile) to promote strength and practicality. - The horizontal and diagonal braces; base plates in different widths and lengths - The weight tolerance is calculated based on a large balanced load and the number of pallets in each rack. - The space interval between rack/shelf openings can vary between 100 cm and 300 cm. - The colorization of the parts: the degreasing and phosphating phases are done by 200 spray nozzles, followed by the polishing phase by washing nozzles. The parts are then dried in the conveyor oven and painted by powder color spray robots. Finally, at the passage of a furnace of 40 m and 200 °C, the parts are cooked and ready to pack. - Depending on the type and sensitivity, the parts are packed with bubble plastic, a special plastic material, strapping bands, separately wrapped with polystyrene to minimize the risk of damage during transport. - All parts have a certificate and an identification card and a quality assurance issued by quality department quality.

- Personalized study by experts and offering an applicable plan - Offering a 2D and 3D design - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - One-year gold guarantee - 15 years of after-sales services - Offering instructions for use of the system implemented

Free consultation and specialized expertise