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Automatic rail racking is one of Ozhan new products. The movement of the cabins in this digital racking is smart and is done by electromotive force. This digital archiving system is more modern and more advantageous than the non- digital models.
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The automatic rail shelf is one of the most convenient products for document
storage in companies and organizations. It is more modern and beneficial
compared to the mechanical model. The importance of protecting documents and
extending their lives requires efforts to prepare appropriate conditions in the
archival environment. The shelves should be set in such a way as to optimize the
available space and ensure good air circulation. Ozhan has designed and
produced a digital system that takes into account all the essential factors of
backing up documents. In this fully automatic system, the movement of the
cabins is smart and is done by electromotive force. The compartments are
connected to the computer by a central controller and the motion control is done
from the specific ports on each one. The rack is equipped with a graphic
troubleshooting screen that displays the alarms on every cabin. The product is
equipped with a clutch system to put the shelf in a neutral position in the form of
mechanical rails and change them into electronic rails. It is mostly compatible
with offices.

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- The movement of the cabins is done in four methods: with a steering wheel, the automatic movement button, the computer and the remote control. - The possibility to connect to the computer with software -Easy to use/ user friendly - Equipped with an intelligent lighting system between cabins and energy saving - Two separate buttons for automatic and manual movement - The possibility to connect to software, compatible with remote working

- Equipped with transversal and longitudinal sensors - Quick automatic movement - Possibility to be connected to the computer and to get access to the desired document - Equipped with an emergency stop button to stop the movement of the cabinets - A desk with drawers for the convenience of the user - Equipped with a clutch to put it in neutral and mechanical position - Normal/standard/regular shelves are equipped with an air circulation system - The connection in the casing is made by bolts and nuts and so can the length of the chassis be extended.

- Customized study of the environment and offer AutoCAD and 3D plans - Presenting the most modern systems - Offering proposals on the most favorable environment for storing documents - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - One-year gold guarantee - 15 years of after-sales services - A specified support unit to provide rapid services

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