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Smart and Rotating Archive Cabinets

The intelligent and rotating archive cabinet is a system of safeguarding important documents. It rotates vertically and puts the requested documents to the operator's access. Intelligent archive shelves have the capability to recognize faces and fingerprint, which makes it suitable for archiving important documents.
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In Iran, in order to protect documents in some major organizations, revolving archive shelving had been imported by the government before the Islamic Revolution in 1979. After the Islamic revolution, the company producing these shelves refused to offer after-sales services. Until 2011, old shelves were still used and repaired via a test-error method. In this year, thanks to the creativity and innovation of its engineers, Ozhan managed to produce a native model of this cabinet, which is more advanced than the available ones. This achievement put an end to the monopoly exercised by six other countries around the world. This product is a major national success that has been unveiled by the Academic Vice President at Pardisse Science and Technology Park, Tehran, Iran. The rotating rack is equipped with a fire alarm and fire extinguishing system that is realized by a special type of gas existing in the system in order to avoid/ensure the least damage to the documents in the cabinet. The revolving cabinet has the capability to determine the level of access for each operator, so the staff have only access to certain authorized documents. In addition, the rotating smart cabinet has the capability to keep the temperature and humidity of the system at any required level. Ozhan has changed this cabinet into a smart form and chose the name “Roto Smart” for it.

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- Safe archiving of important documents - Saving time and energy - Enjoying one of the highest level of security and access in the world - Respecting the user’s safety and health - Saving space especially at height - Retrieving objects for the operator in 8 seconds - Modern world technology in smart shelving - Proper and intelligent PLC lighting system - Moving by a screen to call documents - Accelerating/Facilitating business - Operator needs less movement and waits shorter - Avoiding mistakes in taking the right documents

- A humidity and temperature control system - On the customer's order, the cabinet can be made of metal, MDF or a combination of both. - Equipped with a fingerprint recognition system - Equipped with an intelligent automatic standby system, which helps reduce energy consumption - Assisted by intelligent software, allowing easy operation - Capability to include a fire alarm and automatic shutdown box - An automatic door shutter - Face recognition system upon entry - Perforated shelves - A high gloss MDF countertop - The process of cutting, bending and drilling is done by an automatic laser machine. - The machine operates with a single-phase current. - The maximum of the electric current does not exceed 3 amperes. - Equipped with a modular electrical panel with connection to the socket - A touch screen control panel - Having multiple sensors to enhance security - Access to the electronic part through a combination lock - All “Roto Smart” parts are modular.

- Personalized study of the environment, design of plans and free consultations - On-site experts to evaluate your environment - Offering consultations on the most favorable environment for the storage of documents - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - One-year gold guarantee - 15 years of after-sales services - A separate support unit to provide services as soon as possible - Offering instructions for the use of the installed system and a certificate

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