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Intelligent “Roto Smart” shelves make vertical rotations, and thus making the required objects accessible in every turn. This shelf is intended to safeguard important and sensitive goods such as medical supplies, medicines or military equipment.
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In 2011, thanks to the knowledge and creativity of its engineers, the Ozhan
company managed to produce the domestic version of this intelligent rack,
eliminating the monopoly of six countries in the world. This product - which can
compete with foreign models in quality and capabilities - is a great national
success, which was unveiled by the academic vice president in the Pardisse
Science and Technology Park, Tehran, Iran. “Roto Smart” is able to keep safe
antique items and coins, medical supplies, medicines, military equipment,
foodstuff and all goods that must be stored under special conditions and
according to certain particular standards. These smart shelves make up and down
rotations to fulfill commands of the operator and deliver the requested items at
full speed. “Roto Smart” puts the object directly at the access of the operator
without having to waste time for searching, walking, climbing stairs and bending.
In addition, by putting this shelving near the production hall, it is possible to save
the time, that could be wasted on transporting goods from and to the depot. This
method of storage allows the goods to be kept in an enclosed area without being
exposed to dust, which helps to reduce the cost of cleaning. It should be noted
that this shelf makes use of inaccessible high spaces and increases the capacity of
the warehouse.

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- Saving time and energy - Enjoying world’s highest level of security and accessibility - Respecting the safety and health of the operator - A variety of models; racking can be requested in metal, MDF board or a combination of both. - Accelerating the handling of objects - Giving access to maximum space - Storage of a wide range of goods - Allowing to have a secure clean and well organized storehouse - An operation on several surfaces, which means the operator can find the goods effectively and with a precise reference - Allowing the operator to go shorter distance and minimize the waiting time - Avoiding mistakes in the process of finding goods - Equipped with a temperature and humidity control system - The movement guided by a digital screen to find the goods - Possibility to be linked to software with a very simple application - Equipped with a fire alarm and fire extinguishing system - Having an automatic door shutter - Face identification system for the operator - Application of modern technology - Equipped with a touch screen to call the desired document - Decreasing search time up to 2.5 times positive - Optimizing the floor area up to 80% - Accelerating access and handling - Increasing the accuracy of finding merchandise up to 99.9% - Suitable for storing small objects like bolts, electrical parts, spare parts and tools.

- Equipped with a smart and appropriate PLC lighting system - Assisted by several sensors to increase the level of security - All parts have a modular operating mechanism - The front door is controlled by a keyboard to improve security and facilitate the choice of goods. - Weight tolerance of up to 400 kg on each shelf depending on the type of product - Fast rotations - The maximum height is 8 meters; it is often used at a height of 4 to 6 meters. - Access to the electronic part through a password lock system - The process of cutting, bending and drilling is done by an automatic laser machine. - Equipped with a modular electrical panel with connection to the socket - Equipped with a fingerprint recognition system with a high level of security - Possession of an intelligent automatic standby system, which helps to reduce energy consumption - The colorization of the parts: the degreasing and phosphating phases are done by 200 spray nozzles, followed by the polishing phase by washing nozzles. The parts are then dried in the conveyor oven and painted by powder color spray robots. Finally, at the passage of a furnace of 40m and 200°C, the parts are cooked and ready to be packed. - Depending on the type and sensitivity, the parts are packed with bubble plastic, a special plastic material, strapping bands, separately wrapped with polystyrene to minimize the risk of damage during transport. - All the pieces have identification cards and a confirmation of quality.

- Personalized study of the environment, design of plans and free of charge consultations - On-site experts to evaluate your environment - Offering explanations on the technical details and standards of the Ozhan company - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - One-year gold guarantee - 15 years of after-sales services - A specified support unit to provide services as soon as possible - Offer instructions for the use of the implemented system and a certificate

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