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Push Back Pallet Racking

This product is a kind of “drive-in” shelf. If the variety of items is large, this shelf can be used as a “drive-in”. In this way, we can significantly optimize space, human resources and the means of transport.
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In this shelf - unlike the common fixed models - some pallets are located one after
another according to the DEPS method (the principle of last in, first out).
Based on the drive-in method, all objects in an aisle must be of the same type. But
in this system of storage, it is enough that the objects in a rack/shelf of an
aisle/walkway are connected. In case there is a large variety of goods, this shelf
can be used as a "drive-in. In this way, the space available, the human resources
and the means of transport can be used to the maximum.
This shelving is composed of an inclined rail on which some rolling containers of
pallets are placed. According to this method, gravity helps to push the pallets
forward, allowing the operator to pick them up. Recent models also use the
elastic force mechanism.
Given a decrease in the number of aisles, the capacity of the depot sees an

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- Optimizing available space in the depot - Easy access to the higher floors - Easy and quick access to each line - Connected pallets prevent products from being pressed and damaged. - Easy access to pallets and increase the deposit capacity - The loading and unloading time decreases because the forklift trucks need not enter the aisles. - Each aisle can contain various types of goods. - Easy access and fast reclaim - The diversity of products compared to the drive-in - Save space up to 400% - The possibility to have the maximum space in the depot

- Push-back shelves can process up to 6 pallets one after the other. - Shelving can be carried out at a maximum height of 12 m. - The capacity of the pallets depends on the sub-pallets and the design. This can be used to keep pallets up to a ton and a half. - The dimensions of the sub-pallets will be designed as needed by the customer. - Compatible with various forklifts - The columns are designed with the openings sealed to increase the strength of the structure. - The colorization of the parts: the degreasing and phosphating phases are done by 200 spray nozzles, followed by the polishing phase by washing nozzles. The parts are then dried in the conveyor oven and painted by powder color spray robots. Finally, at the passage of a furnace of 40 m and 200 °C, the parts are cooked and ready to be packed. - Depending on the type and sensitivity, the parts are packed with bubble plastic, a special plastic material, strapping bands, separately wrapped with polystyrene to minimize the risk of damage during transport. - All parts have a certificate and an identification card and a quality assurance approved by the quality department.

- Customized study by experts and an applicable plan offer - Offering a 2D and 3D design - Offering an explanatory guide in order to facilitate decision-making by managers - Two-year warranty - 15 years of after-sales services

Free consultation and specialized expertise