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Ozhan company, the world's system for providing the most up-to-date document and product storage systems with a backing of 50 years of production and experience in the industry by a number of inventors of the country and industry and university elite with the idea of ​​creating dynamism and mobility in the industry by providing the latest technology and latest The achievements of the day are trying to eliminate  the gap with the advanced countries in this field
Ozhan, according to its vision document, as the leader of the document and commodity industry in Iran, can export its newest products and take effective steps to become a global brand; for this purpose, in the eighties with the construction of a factory A new building with an area of ​​over ten thousand square meters in the industrial city of Estehard, with the most modern manufacturing machines such as Rollforming Line, Fiber Laser Cutting, CNC Bending and All-Robotic Powder Coating, has tried to quickly pave the way for achieving its goals
Today, one of the concerns of companies and organizations is "the lack of space for storing goods and documents." Ozhan Co., with the motto "Ozhan Alchemist of Space", has been working to meet this demand for producing products in line with the new global technology in the industry. Ozhan has already designed, produced and implemented more than 1000 projects, including consulting, design, production and implementation at the highest scientific center of the country "Sharif University of Technology", the highest standard of Iran "National Standards Organization" and Also, the Statue and the Golden Tablet from the most prestigious HOFEX 2013, HOFEX 2015 and HOFEX 2016, "The Best Statue in a Customer-Oriented," "Statue of the Best Perspective of Iranian Quality" from the Iranian Quality Association
Some of the most used products:
Rail archive Digital archive | sliding closet | railing archive | Bookshelf | Store shelf | Store shelf | Store shelf | Rail storage rack | Electric Rock Storage Warehouse | Smart Storage | Rack shelving | Rack shelving | Industrial shelving | Railroad wardrobe | Rail Library | Rack Shelf | Isolated Rocking Shelving | Rock Shelving | Rock Shelving | File Map | Cabin Desk | Supermarket shelves | Railroad racks | Museum shelves | Zonkan | File box

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Receive a two-year consecutive product from the Hofex International Furniture Fair
International Furniture Fair is the fourth time with the presence of a large number of reputable companies from January 24 to 27, 2014 at the international exhibition venues of Tehran, and Ozhan System World as the manufacturer of document and commodity storage systems for the second time. Receiving a statue of the best product in the Rail Archiving Group was received at the HOFFEX International Furniture Fair.


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Ozhan System of the World to provide the most complete and modern document and commodity storage systems with a backing of 50 years of production and experience in this industry was founded by a number of inventors of the country and the elite of industry and university, and with the idea of creating dynamics and mobility in the maintenance industry With the latest technology and latest achievements of the day, documents and goods are trying to eliminate the gap between our dear Iran and advanced countries